New York Society of Model Engineers
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Tunnel Tour of New Jersey

On April 13th 2006, NYSME members went on a tour of abandoned and in use
railroad tunnels of New Jersey. The trip began at Fairview NJ and visited locations
at Edgewater, Hoboken, Jersey City, Pattensberg, and Delaware. 
The trip was organized and led by Andrew Brusgard Jr, and members Doug Chadwick, Rich Martin, Tony Casamassima, and Andrew Brusgard III partook. 

The first tunnel of the day was the Western Portal of the abandoned NYS&W in Fairview NJ. The tunnel connected the railroad to its coal piers and various industries along the Hudson River.

A view of the eastern portal of the NYS&W tunnel at Edgewater NJ. Note the NYS&W engraved over the portal.

HBLR station and loop track at Tonnelle Ave in North Bergen. Just beyond the station is the rebuilt West Shore Railroad tunnel. Originally this tunnel connected the NYC to their Weehawken Yards and station

When NJ Transit rebuilt the tunnel, the original builder's stones were preserved and moved to the parking lot on the Tonnelle Ave station.

Docked in Edgewater, former DL&W ferry Binghamton, serves as a bar and restaurant.

A view of the eastern portals of the former DL&W tunnel in Hoboken NJ. As luck would have it wecaught this inbound Metro North commuter train.

Another view of the DL&W tunnels. The newer looking tunnel to the right is actually the older of the two. Originally bored in the 1860's and was refurbished only a few years ago.

This short tunnel is on the former National Dock branch. It goes under the PRR's Waldo Yard and the Hudson and Manhattan Tubes in Jersey City. Note the extreme grade in the tunnel and beyond.

Former Erie tunnel in Jersey City. This tunnel connected the Erie's waterfront yards to the main and yards in Secaucus. Tunnel still in service by Conrail Shared Assets. 

A view of the markings over the Erie tunnel in Jersey City. Built 1861 and still in service!

A view of the Erie's Bergen Arches in Jersey City. This massive cut once featured four tracks and was used mostly for passenger traffic. The Erie tunnel is located under the photographer and the covered Lincoln Hwy.

A view of the eastern portal of LV's Pattensberg's tunnel in western NJ. This tunnel is still in use on the NS Leigh Line. Originally double tracked it was singled for double stack clearance.

NYSME were lucky to catch this short eastbound local at Pattensberg.

A view of the interlocking and signals that protect the eastern portal of the Pattensberg Tunnel. This picture was taken from directly above the portal. 

The original Pattensberg tunnel located about 25 yards north of the current tunnel. The tunnel was abandoned when growing engine sizes required a large bore.

A view of the inside of the original Pattensberg tunnel. Scuba gear maybe required for further investigation.

View of the western portals of Pattensberg. This image proves that the best time of year for these trips is early spring. Foliage would have obscured much of the picture.

A view of the western twin bores of the DL&W at Manucka Chunk NJ. These tunnels were located on the Old Main of the Lackawanna. The area between the tunnels once featured a station platform. It was also in interchange point with the PRR's Bel-Del line.